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NSGate at Intersec 2022

活動參與 ・ 2021年12月24日

We cordially invite you to attend NSGate booth at Intersec 2022 | Dubai UAE | Jan. 16-18 | Booth SA-D34


NSGate is pleased to announce a new product line NSBox-cLOUD

新品發表 ・ 2021年6月29日 更多內容 Open In New icon

Video surveillance systems are rapidly evolving into smart platforms with capabilities going far beyond traditional monitoring and recording systems. More and more businesses today are leveraging cost-effective cloud services to extend the flexibility of their operations, deployment and management. Eagle Eye Networks as well as Ivideon are leading global cloud video surveillance companies. NSGate is the creator of NSBox modular and scalable outdoor access nodes, and became a partner of both well-respected companies. Our partnership affords customers an unmatched solution for outdoor video surveillance systems. NSBox-cLOUDy is a perfect technology solution for time and money saving in the video surveillance projects for the protection of large-scale outdoor assets and critical infrastructure ranging from construction sites, dams, parking lots, warehouses and storage depots, utilities, oil & gas, schools, hotels, parks, sports facilities, airports, railways, bridges, and highways.


Launch of brand-new NSBox models in GRP enclosures

新品發表 ・ 2021年6月29日 更多內容 Open In New icon

NSBox-p242 | NSBox-p242H | NSBox-p242R | NSBox-p242HR : ●Glass Reinforced Polyester enclosure | IP66 | 300x400x200/400x400x200mm ●WI-PS306GF-I unmanaged switch: 4 10/100/1000T PoE 30W + 2 SFP/1G NSBox-p2040 | NSBox-p2040H | NSBox-p2040R | NSBox-p2040HR : ●Glass Reinforced Polyester enclosure | IP66 | 300x400x200/400x400x200mm ●NIS-3500-2204PGE managed switch: 4 10/100/1000T PoE 30W + 2 SFP/1G NSBox-p4044H | NSBox-p4044HR : ●Glass Reinforced Polyester enclosure | IP66 | 400x600x230mm ●WI-PMS312GF-I managed switch: 8 TP/1G PoE 802.3af/at/bt/Passive + 4 SFP/1G

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