Silver Color Fingerprint Travel Bag Luggage Lock - Popular Style CE FCC Silver Color Fingerprint Travel Bag Luggage Lock



* Fingerprint Identification system * 360 degree one touch operation * FAR: 1/100000, FRR: 1.59% * Identified time less than 1 second * Fingerprint memory capacity up to 30 sets * Green, Red LEDs & Beeper at operations * Battery: rechargeable lithium-polymer battery 4.2V 50mAh * Battery life: 1,500 times for lock/Unlock * Size: 62.5mm x 25mm x 10mm * Weight: 37g * Color: Blue, Red...... * Unlock: Press the shackle. Then press the finger on the sersor after the green light up to unlock * Lock: Pess the shackle after the red light up to lock. * Fingerprint enroll and clear function * W/ i-Key as a backup solution for unlock * Charge the battery by the micro USB cable connected to the external power supply * Customer’s logo is available * CE, FCC approved SECURITY - Fingerprint Identification system SPEEDY - Unlocking time less than 1 second SMART - 30 sets of fingerprint can be stored