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SPUTNIK LLC, 製造商/生產商, 2016, 家庭自動化. 監視—服務, 自動門及入口監控系統, 入口監控—設備和裝置, 監視錄像系統, 室內對講機和門口對講機, ip照相机, IP access control, 門房傳達系統和門房視頻系統, 遠距離視頻監控. Moscow, 俄羅斯.


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Taking part in the international exhibition «Securika 2021»

活動參與 ・ Apr 20, 2021

It was an amazing event! Several months of preparation for the Securika 2021 is underway. The turn out was great. As always, our stand was the center of everyone’s attention. More than 340 people visited us during the four days of the exhibition. Our visitors consisted of those who were dying to find out what new innovations we integrated, and also those who discovered our product for the first time. Practically any interaction with clients ended with an order of the intercoms. After processing all the orders and inquiries, we are planning to launch a production of the new batch of intercoms, with the estimated shipment in July and August in order to satisfy all our clients. Thank you to everyone who visited us and a special shout out to our partners who came from other countries, it was very nice to see you! Best Regards, Team Sputnik



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